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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Duochromes on Twinsie Tuesday

So I'm super dopey today.. And forgot to publish my Twinsie Tuesday post. I blame my migraine meds;] So this week, we had a pretty easy and interesting topic for TT: duochrome or metallic polish. It gave me the perfect excuse to show you one of my top 5 polishes of all time! Ludurana has some seriously stunning polishes, and I'm beyond happy to have gotten Emocionante [which means Exciting in Spanish and Portuguese]. HITS definitely has a dupe of this polish and I have that version too, but this is definitely my preferred one. While the formula has some problems with being too thin and a bit watery, it smells really good [not like polish, but like perfume], takes 2 coats where the HITS one takes 3, and the brush is way better [the HITS polishes have a history of wonky brushes]. Oh, and this wore like IRON on me. 5 days with just minimal tip wear. It was a beautiful thing haha.

Like my new nubbies? Heehee. This polish is also my go-to travel polish, since I know I love it and won't lose interest and also wears a lot better on me than my beloved glitters <3 Let's face it, glitters don't travel very well :[

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  1. Gorgeous choice! I really like it.

  2. this is gorrrgeous. need to try some ludranas!

  3. YAY I have nubbins too!! XD GORGEOUS! :D

  4. What a fantastic polish! It's so glowy :)

    And I'm sorry about the migraines, I've had my fair share. Not fun. Hope you're feeling better!

  5. This is so gorgeous!! I hope you feel better, migraines are evil :(

  6. This is to die for! And I'm intrigued by the fact that it smells like perfume!

  7. Ooh this looks so cool! I love it! :D