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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Girly-Girl Challenge Day 7: Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice!

Ahh, second to last Girly Girl challenge! Today we get to "show off our sweet (or spicy) inspired nails" ! So I want to show you this franken that I've had on my toes for like 2 weeks now. I really love it! Plus, it's been holding up like iron, NO visible wear or chipping :D

I dubbed this one "Shape of My Heart", because the Backstreet Boys are the greatest thing ever ever ever, don't even try to argue ;]

2 coats of Shape of My Heart

Lots of different glitter in here, mostly blue, then scattered holographic square glitter!

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  1. OMGOSH. I LOOOOOOVE this franken! It's GORGEOUS! I'll take 500 bottles. Haha!

  2. This is stunning!!! :D I adore square glitter and jellies! You frankens are always amazing, Sarah! ^-^

    1. thank you!! i love square glitter, need to get my hands on some more of that!

  3. I would definitely only buy this for the name, but the color is amazing as well as the name! Score!!

  4. Looks very nice! Love the glitter on it.

  5. Nice franken! Just the right kind of pink for me... <3

  6. This is lovely! I'm so late with mine :(

    Nominated you for an award: