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Friday, March 23, 2012

Girly-Girl Challenge Day 6: Female Role Models

Okay, I'd like to preface this by saying that this has been the hardest of the Girly Girly challenges  thus far. There are so so many strong, amazing women that inspire me so it's really hard for me to pick. So I had to pick my amazing amazing boss from this past summer [and hopefully this summer as well!]. I work at a summer camp during the summers and it's seriously been life changing. My boss has been there for me before, during, and after camp in literally every way. She's not just a boss, but a mentor & friend, plus seriously one of the most wonderful people I know, so I dedicate these nails to her <3. 

The story behind these nails is that she never has her nails done.. like ever haha. But I broke out my nail polish over the summer at camp and was water marbling my campers nails and she was entranced, so I decided to do a water marble!

I used American Apparel Butter, Essie No More Film, and China Glaze Light as Air because she loves colorful things.

I also used the same combination over OPI's Honk if You Love OPI, but turned out too green, so I took it off before doing the above mani. I liked the patterns more on this time around though:


  1. Beautiful water marble. Lovely tribute to the woman who inspires you most!

  2. This is an absolutely gorgeous water marble. I love that you work at a summer camp during the summers, I went to camp every summer of my childhood and then was a camp counselor for several years after. Hearing about summer camp always brings warm fuzzies to my heart!

  3. Love the colours! Great job.

  4. This is a cute water marble Sarah!

  5. Wow love the patterns. Hope you post the procedure on how to do it. Nice post!

    1. thanks! if you're interested in learning how, i suggest going to , that's how i learned:]