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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Layering with flakies, or how I never want to take this mani off.

I interrupt the OPF series to bring you one of my all time favorite manis ever:

it doesn't translate super well to pictures, but Chuva is a dark blue flakie [with sparse copper flakes mixed in] in a light yellow sheer base.

blurry to show the effect

Finger on the left glossy, the 2 on the right w/ Essie Matte About You

close up of the nail: glossy

close up of the nail: matte

LOOK AT THAT. Dyinggggg. This was absolutely one my my most favorite manis ever. & it was an accident!:] So I got my order from Llarowe in, but I didn't have enough time to change my polish completely, so I put on 2 coats of Ludurana's Chuva [Portuguese for "rain"] on top of my existing mani of one coat BB Couture's Napa Valley Red, with 2 coats of NYX Dorothy. I can't even tell you how pretty this was IRL.

Couple of notes about the Ludurana flakie: it's a polish from Brazil that I got from Llarowe. Okay, completely serious, I cannot believe how AMAZING the customer service at Llarowe is. An amazingly nice woman named Leah Ann runs it all, & she is so incredibly considerate of her customers. Also, shipping is dirt cheap, & I ordered on Friday, it shipped Saturday, I got the polishes in my mailbox by Monday. Plus, Leah Ann was nice enough to contact me via email about certain orders. she's also really active on facebook: . I can't recommend her enough!!


  1. thank you!! my nails were so thick by the end of this, haha.. totally worth it though