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Monday, November 28, 2011

Dare to Wear Dancing Shoes

Hello!! How was everybody's long weekend?? Hope you rested up:] Today I have for you:

glitterrrrrrrrrrr!!! Gah, this glitter is actually insane, with how bright it is and the holo glitter and the hex glitter and the bar pieces... No words. Just get this. Like now. This is 2 coats, the formula's pretty thick for mine. I'm so completely in love with this, it's not even healthy.

Plus, it gets "Dancing Queen" stuck in my head all day.. You're welcome.


  1. That glitter is insane. I love it!

  2. Your pictures definitey do it justice, gorgeous!

  3. OMG I NEED THIS! I can't handle how gorgeous it looks.

  4. Very cool! From far away, I thought it may be similar to OPI Absolutely Alice, but that macro shot shows all that yummy bar glitter in there! Love it =)

  5. Amazing glitter, absolutely delicious! Is this a franken?

  6. @ everyone, thank you so much!! this polish is just too pretty.

    @ Jacqui, it's even crazier than AA haha:]
    @ Patti, it's Dancing Shoes from Dare to Wear Le Chat.
    @ Sugarfrogs, I wish I could franken this!! haha, I'd have it in every color if I could. sadly, I had to track this down on ebay:/ But it's completely worth it!