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Monday, November 21, 2011

Share the Love: Day 1, Guest post from Chelsea of Nailed: A Nail Polish Blog

Hello everyone! I'm super excited (and a teeny bit nervous) to do my very first guest post! Thank you very much to Sarah for hosting me for the day and thanks also to Amanda over at Amandalandish for organizing this entire experience. :)

I chose blue as the theme for my guest posts and I thought I'd start things out with a little glitter! I've worn OPI Last Friday Night on its own before but I have to admit, I was never really impressed with how it look alone. It's quite sheer and so this is a polish that's screaming out to be layered over something fantastic but I never could decide just what that might be. Luckily, I think I finally found a partner for it that I really love: one of my favorite blues, China Glaze Frostbite! Frostbite is an in-your-face bright blue with a pearly finish from the Ski Collection and Last Friday Night is sheer blue polish with iridescent blue glitter from the Katy Perry Collection. I think they look ga-ga-gorgeous together!

This mani is BRIGHT! I wore it during a presentation for my journalism class, which was probably not a good idea since I am a big hand-talker and I'm sure electric blue nails were distracting. Oh well, maybe if the presentation wasn't so hot then a distraction worked to my advantage then haha.

I wish Last Friday Night was more opaque on its own but it was still really satisfying to find a polish I like wearing under it. I used two coats of Last Friday Night over two coats of Frostbite here, topped off with a layer of Seche Vite topcoat. This pairing kind of reminds me of little bubbles in an aquarium. It's definitely loud but the little bits of glitter give it a touch of femininity too. I think Last Friday Night might also look cool under just plain ol' black.

Also, I may or may not have both Katy Perry's albums... I possibly like to listen to them in the car when I'm by myself and no one can judge me for singing along really horribly... Maybe. ;)


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