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Monday, November 7, 2011

Other People's Frankens! [Part 4]

My first HAREpolish!! Nikole from Nailing It! [seriously, go look at those swatches... jealous haha] makes really amazing polishes. I was lucky enough to snatch up 2 last time they went on sale [they sold out in 5 minutes]. I wanted to try out Bisbee today. it's a really pretty turquoise jelly with big & smaller gold glitter. The color of the gold is really yellow, so in the turquoise jelly base, it's a little green looking! Really unique.

I had on 3 coats of polish for these pictures & it definitely needed it. I was a little worried with the lack of glitter getting on my nails, but after 3 coats & minor manipulation, I was really happy with the look. The jelly is really interesting, it's so creamy, but still decidedly a jelly!


  1. Oooh, this one is super pretty. If I wasn't so averse to hex glitter, I would jump on it! Lovely on you. :)

  2. @ Sarah, sorry!! I actually had this post planned before we talked about these :[ haha

    @ Rach, you should check out her Halloween line! There's 2 super pretty ones with no hex glitter [they haven't gone on sale yet, though]:

  3. i like this one! can i go play with your stash! :D you have so many goodies!

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  5. @Maria, haha anytime you'd like!!
    & thanks, Barbara!:]