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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nicole by OPI: Disco Dolls

Okay, so I really really REALLY didn't want to like any of the Kardashian "Kolors"... but the glitter!!! Gahhhh, okay, I'm just gonna pretend they have nothing to do with the Kardashians. The first one I have for you is Disco Dolls, a warm gold glitter with a little larger rainbow glitter.

also, anyone notice the difference in brushes in this collection? NOPI had those "Perfect Stroke" brushes for a while, then changed it to the skinny brushes, and now it's wide again, but square...
Top to bottom: Holiday 2011, Kardashian 2011, Spring 2011

Weird, right?


  1. I got this one too but I haven't tried it yet. It's on my list. I also choose to ignore the Kardashian association-this polish (and the other two I got) were just too pretty to pass up!

  2. This is gorgeous. I also hate that they put out this collection as the Kardashians. I haven't bought any for that reason. :(

  3. haha, I know, I'm thinking about renaming the ones I bought from this collection.. What should this one be?