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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Other People's Frankens! [Part 3]

For my next installment of OPF, I wanted to show you my all time favorite nail polish: Lynnderella's Bride of Franken! My pictures don't do it justice.. It's so insanely mesmerizing. I had on Wet n Wild Black as the base, then I put on China Glaze Snow Globe, then BoF on top of all that... Instant galaxy nails!

Pure magic.. BoF close up

SG close up.

I kept looking at this mani all day. I need like 17 million bottles of Bride of Franken.


  1. This. Is. Gorgeous! I don't have any Lynnderella polishes yet (someday!!) but I just got Snow Globe last week. I'm debating what to layer it over first...the bottle itself is so mesmerizing so I know it's going to look amazing on the nail!

  2. thank you! I thought about layering it over Orly wild wisteria, it looked really pretty on my nail wheel.
    & you need some lynnderellas! they're going to be sold on starting december [with no bottle minimum!], if that helps! i know how crazy it is trying to order from her site haha