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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Other People's Frankens! [Part 1]

I have a double post today! :] So I had on Brucci Amelia's Amethyst all day today, & it was tooooo pretty, but I had to take it off to test out some frankens I was mixing.. Anyway, I decided to use it as a base for 2 polishes in my OPF series. 

All by itself! It's a blue-based purple with this gorgeoussssss magenta & blue shimmer... love.

Lynnderella's Bibbitty Bobbitty Blue made it more blue tinged.

I LOVE the different sizes of blue glitter, with that purple & lighter periwinkleish color thrown in.

I topped off my left hand with My Nail Graffiti's Glacier Frost. The color shifting pigment is so dense in these! Then the iridescent & holo glitters make it really unique.

Seriously, how gorgeous is that..

What do you think?? Aren't these so pretty? I've worn the Lynnderella over dark blue as a full mani, & it's really pretty there too.

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