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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ludurana Emocionante

Happy Tuesday, everyone! The polish I have for you today is from Brazilian brand Ludurana [although you can order them from the wonderful Llarowe] and the name of it, Emocionante, means exciting! Fitting for this beutiful multichrome.  This is my first time swatching a multichrome, so forgive me, my pictures do NOT do this polish justice.

this is what it looked like straight on...

...but turn your hand a little & look at the pink!

then here's that copper coming out:]

Multichromes are so interesting.. I had this on all weekend and kept staring at my nails haha. I put on 2 coats of Emocionante on top of one coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme: the bottles are a little small, and I want to save this polish!!

What do you think?? In awe of multichromes as much as I am? :]


  1. What a cool brand I like the name, I think you did good I can see the beautiful duo chrome.

  2. thank you both so much! i'm so happy you like it:]

  3. Oooo, gorgeous! I think you did a great job capturing all the different colors and angles. I love when polishes have such a strong color shift to them. Llarowe is a dangerous, dangerous place for me-I want almost everything on there!

  4. thank you, Chelsea!! & I know, llarowe is so bad for my wallet haha