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Friday, November 25, 2011

Share the Love: Wrap Up!

Hello!! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was amazing. & who went out for Black Friday? I did! It wasn't too bad, I just went to the mall, but it was fun & not too hectic. and how did everyone like the guest posts?! Aren't they so talented?? I want to thank Chelsea at Nailed: a Nail Polish Blog, Rachel at TopCoatIt, Heather at The Polished Panda, and especially Amanda at Amandalandish for putting it together. So talented!!

So to wrap up my week of frankens, I want to show the one I call Eleanor Rigby. There was a period of time when my roommate & I listened to this song way too often haha. So I just had to name a franken after it!

sorry the bottle is weird, it's a frostedish one, an old Revlon base coat I didn't like. This was one of my very first frankens, I put a lot of random pigments & polishes in & I can't remember a single thing that went into it.. But I guess it makes it unique?? haha. I wish I could get the purple shimmer to show up more, it's a lot more apparent in real life. and the blue glitter, too. oh well!

So I hope you've all enjoyed Share the Love week:] I'm so glad I got to meet some amazing bloggers in the process <3 


  1. This kinda reminds me of Orly Lunar Eclipse, which of course means it's awesome! :) I love how bright this is too.

  2. haha, thank you! i love lunar eclipse, so that's a huge compliment:]!