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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lynderella Very Pretty Vampire

Hi! before I launch into the amazing polish today, you should go check my giveaway out ;] 50 Followers/I Love the Holidays Giveaway! Do it. You know you want to.

anyway, here's what I wore Thanksgiving weekend: Lynderella's Very Pretty Vampire over a franken I made for the holidays that I'll show at a later time :]

This is 2 coats of the base color, then 2 of VPV. Although, I think I'll layer it over something a littttttle lighter next time. Any suggestions??

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

50 Follower/I Love the Holidays GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Okay, so last week at some point during Share the Love week, I hit 50 followers!!! I'm so so excited :] Thank you all SO much for being amazing followers. I really never realized how much fun blogging would be, and you all are to thank for that! Okay, onto the good stuff: my 50 Follower/I Love the Holidays Giveaway. It ends on December 6, 2011 at 11:59 PM [so I can get you your goodies before the holidays!]. Open to US only, sorry:[

Everything!!: 8 full sized polishes, 2 nail files, 2 mini polishes, 2 mini frankens by me, 3 sample solid scents from One Hand Washes the Other [my favorite B&B site], 1 bar of soap from Her Best Apple, 1 scarf hand-made by yours truly, and 1 frankenpolish that is designed by you & made by me, just for you!!!

First row:
 Sally Hansen Diamond Strength-Wedding Crasher
$OPI- Countdown to the Kiss
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri- Emerald Express
Love & Beauty- Dusty Blue [dupe for LA Girl Color Addict- Extreme]

Second row:
China Glaze- Lorelei's Tiara
Orly- Androgynie
China Glaze- Some Like it Haute
Ludurana Flakie- Flash
2 Holiday nail files :]

Third row:
Franken Mini #1- Rudolph
Franken Mini #2- Holly Jolly
Sally Girl- Disco
China Glaze Mini- Ruby Pumps

Her Best Apple's Yuzu Cranberry Soap bar

3 solid scent samples from One Hand Washes the Other in Lilac, Gimme Shelter, & Jubilee

Close up of Holly Jolly [deep teal holo]

Close up of Ludurana Flash

Close up of Rudolph [deep red with burnt orange and red hex and small glitter]

DESIGN YOUR OWN FRANKEN!! Just let me know your favorite color & finish [ie glitter, shimmer, creme, jelly, etc] & I'll try to make you happy:]

Examples of my frankens: here, here, here, herehere, here, here, here, here, here, aaaaaaaaaaand here! :]

Thank you all so much! I'm so excited for this:] <3

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dare to Wear Dancing Shoes

Hello!! How was everybody's long weekend?? Hope you rested up:] Today I have for you:

glitterrrrrrrrrrr!!! Gah, this glitter is actually insane, with how bright it is and the holo glitter and the hex glitter and the bar pieces... No words. Just get this. Like now. This is 2 coats, the formula's pretty thick for mine. I'm so completely in love with this, it's not even healthy.

Plus, it gets "Dancing Queen" stuck in my head all day.. You're welcome.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Share the Love: Wrap Up!

Hello!! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was amazing. & who went out for Black Friday? I did! It wasn't too bad, I just went to the mall, but it was fun & not too hectic. and how did everyone like the guest posts?! Aren't they so talented?? I want to thank Chelsea at Nailed: a Nail Polish Blog, Rachel at TopCoatIt, Heather at The Polished Panda, and especially Amanda at Amandalandish for putting it together. So talented!!

So to wrap up my week of frankens, I want to show the one I call Eleanor Rigby. There was a period of time when my roommate & I listened to this song way too often haha. So I just had to name a franken after it!

sorry the bottle is weird, it's a frostedish one, an old Revlon base coat I didn't like. This was one of my very first frankens, I put a lot of random pigments & polishes in & I can't remember a single thing that went into it.. But I guess it makes it unique?? haha. I wish I could get the purple shimmer to show up more, it's a lot more apparent in real life. and the blue glitter, too. oh well!

So I hope you've all enjoyed Share the Love week:] I'm so glad I got to meet some amazing bloggers in the process <3 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Share the Love: Day 4, Guest post from Amanda of Amandalandish

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

First of all, thank you to the lovely Sarah for hosting me for the holidays :)

And thanks to all you lovely followers for reading.

Day 4 of my 5 Days of Greys brings me to Fright Night Claw Polish in Phantom.

Given the cutesy coffin shaped bottle, I anticipated these polishes would be mostly kitsch and not well made.  After reading numerous posts that raved about these, I couldn't help myself when I saw them at CVS a day or two before Halloween.  I bought the lot for my last giveaway, but I had to keep this beauty for myself :)

Phantom is really one of the most beautiful shades of grey polish I have ever laid eyes on.  A medium to dark grey, it leans a bit more blue than green (for reference, I'd say China Glaze Recycle leans green).  The application was lovely in two coats, although I have to admit getting used to the thicker, short handle cum coffin head was a little tricky.  I had to be a bit more dexterous with the tips of my fingers to apply this nicely.

I know I love a polish when I can't stop looking at my hands and Phantom kept me staring.  What I like most about this grey is that there is blue and purple micro shimmer (glass fleck?) dispersed throughout.  You can't really see it in normal light, but up close it's really lovely (see my last picture).  That's probably what makes this grey pull blue and what I'm particularly drawn to. 

Thank you, Sarah, for giving me a little blog space to swoon over this amazing grey :)

Hoping everyone has a happy and a healthy Thanksgiving!

Follow me back to Amandalandish for the last day of my greys!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Share the Love: Day 3, Guest post from Rachel of Top Coat It

Hello to all you See Sarah Swatch lovers! I'm Rachel from Top Coat It and I'm thrilled to be here on the third day of our Share the Love voyage.

If you read any crafting or home décor blogs you've seen the chevron craziness sweeping the nation. Chevron nails have been on my mani to-do list for a while. I eagerly took this opportunity to try it. Yellow and grey is one of the trendiest color schemes right now so I jumped on that bandwagon too. What do you think?

I think they're awesome! I love them. I think I would love them even more mattified, but I have yet to find a matte top coat locally and haven't decided on one I want to order online. Do you have a favorite matte top coat?

I started with Sinful Colors Unicorn as my base color, which I haven't been very impressed with. You need at least 3 coats to get decent coverage and no matter what I do it bubbles. I had to take it off and start again. In an effort to keep the bubbles at bay, I painted my nails white with Sinful Colors Snow Me White first. That helped a lot. Noted; next time I want to use Unicorn, put white under it so one good coat is enough. The grey is Sally Hansen Wet Cement.

I loved getting creative with tape manis. I'll be posting a quick tutorial on how I did these nails on my blog sometime next week so watch for that at Top Coat It. Check out my guest post tomorrow at Amandalandish. Thank you so much for having me over today Sarah!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Share the Love: Day 2, Guest post from Heather of The Polished Panda

Hi ladies! Only a few more days before Thanksgiving! Are you excited!? I know I am!! I am so excited to be guest posting on Sarah's lovely blog today! This week, Sarah, myself and a few other wonderful bloggers have put together Share The Love guest posting. We each had themes manis and my theme is 5 Days of Glitter! So today I have for you Orly - Androgynie from the Holiday Soiree collection. This polish is absolutely stunning! It's like having a jelly sandwich with only one polish! This is two coats.

Isn't it lovely!? This is a perfect polish for galaxy nails! The formula is fabulous. It's thick, but not too thick where you can't see the gorgeous glitter throughout. I was a little iffy about buying this polish and thought about returning it, but I ended up falling in love! I hope you enjoyed this post & thank you, Sarah, for having me! It's been a pleasure :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Share the Love: Day 1, Guest post from Chelsea of Nailed: A Nail Polish Blog

Hello everyone! I'm super excited (and a teeny bit nervous) to do my very first guest post! Thank you very much to Sarah for hosting me for the day and thanks also to Amanda over at Amandalandish for organizing this entire experience. :)

I chose blue as the theme for my guest posts and I thought I'd start things out with a little glitter! I've worn OPI Last Friday Night on its own before but I have to admit, I was never really impressed with how it look alone. It's quite sheer and so this is a polish that's screaming out to be layered over something fantastic but I never could decide just what that might be. Luckily, I think I finally found a partner for it that I really love: one of my favorite blues, China Glaze Frostbite! Frostbite is an in-your-face bright blue with a pearly finish from the Ski Collection and Last Friday Night is sheer blue polish with iridescent blue glitter from the Katy Perry Collection. I think they look ga-ga-gorgeous together!

This mani is BRIGHT! I wore it during a presentation for my journalism class, which was probably not a good idea since I am a big hand-talker and I'm sure electric blue nails were distracting. Oh well, maybe if the presentation wasn't so hot then a distraction worked to my advantage then haha.

I wish Last Friday Night was more opaque on its own but it was still really satisfying to find a polish I like wearing under it. I used two coats of Last Friday Night over two coats of Frostbite here, topped off with a layer of Seche Vite topcoat. This pairing kind of reminds me of little bubbles in an aquarium. It's definitely loud but the little bits of glitter give it a touch of femininity too. I think Last Friday Night might also look cool under just plain ol' black.

Also, I may or may not have both Katy Perry's albums... I possibly like to listen to them in the car when I'm by myself and no one can judge me for singing along really horribly... Maybe. ;)

Share the Love Blogging:]

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads up on what's happening on this blog this week. I'm taking part in a week of guest posting on 4 other amazing blogs, while the 4 lovely ladies of those blogs post on mine! I'm so so excited about this:] Amanda from Amandalandish thought of this [more details here]. I'm so excited to show you what everyone has in store! Here's everyone participating in it:

Amanda from Amandalandish
Chelsea from Nailed: A Nail Blog
Heather from The Polished Panda
& Rachel from TopCoatIt

Check out their blogs throughout the week to see what everyone's up to!:]

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lorelei's Tiara

Happy Saturday, ladies! Have any great plans for the weekend?? I have a visitor this weekend, I'm very excited:] anyway, today I have for you Lorelei's Tiara from the China Glaze Eye Candy collection:] It was really unique when I got it, but turns out there's a Sally Hansen Gem Crush dupe for it!! Haha, it's okay, I still loveeee this color.

Trying to show how reflective it is

SO. SHINY. seriously.
This was 2 coats, coverage was awesome. I like the formula of this too. And it's so ridiculously sparkly, I have to love it. Plus, that blue glitter ? Uhm, yes.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Guest Post:]

Hello!! I have a guest post today over at , if you want to go look at it:] Rachel-Karina from Polished Criminals was nice enough to choose me as a guest blogger, and I'm so so excited:]

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Orly: Le Chateau

hi, all! So today, I have on Orly's Le Chateau from their Holiday Soiree collection this year. It seems like a lot of people don't like this color too much, but I really love it for some reason. It's a super super dark green [with some blue in there], and to me it seems a bit more jelly than creme. This is 2 coats:

Am I crazy?? I just love vampies that aren't red-based, I guess. Plus, I love how shiny it is:]

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nicole by OPI: Disco Dolls

Okay, so I really really REALLY didn't want to like any of the Kardashian "Kolors"... but the glitter!!! Gahhhh, okay, I'm just gonna pretend they have nothing to do with the Kardashians. The first one I have for you is Disco Dolls, a warm gold glitter with a little larger rainbow glitter.

also, anyone notice the difference in brushes in this collection? NOPI had those "Perfect Stroke" brushes for a while, then changed it to the skinny brushes, and now it's wide again, but square...
Top to bottom: Holiday 2011, Kardashian 2011, Spring 2011

Weird, right?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ludurana Emocionante

Happy Tuesday, everyone! The polish I have for you today is from Brazilian brand Ludurana [although you can order them from the wonderful Llarowe] and the name of it, Emocionante, means exciting! Fitting for this beutiful multichrome.  This is my first time swatching a multichrome, so forgive me, my pictures do NOT do this polish justice.

this is what it looked like straight on...

...but turn your hand a little & look at the pink!

then here's that copper coming out:]

Multichromes are so interesting.. I had this on all weekend and kept staring at my nails haha. I put on 2 coats of Emocionante on top of one coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme: the bottles are a little small, and I want to save this polish!!

What do you think?? In awe of multichromes as much as I am? :]

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ocean Nails!

Gahhhh, I'm really excited to show you guys this manicure. It's another one of my all time favorites, I wore it 3 days straight [an eternity to me, haha]. Flakies on top of chunky glitters is so mesmerizing!! Here, I have on 2 coats Revlon Royal, one coat Lynnderella Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue, and one coat Ludurana Trovao [Portuguese for "thunder"].

this was the best way I could get the green flakies to show up

then, one of my roommates said that my nails looked like the ocean, so I stamped little fishies on them [using Sally Hansen Whirlwind White]!
Left thumb

right thumb

ring fingers! it looks like the fish are kissing, teehee. [sorry it came out so blurry:( ]