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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday!!

Welcome to the first ever Twinsie Tuesday!! :]
Special thanks to the amazinggggggggggggg Amanda from Amandalandish for setting this up. Seriously, the best. 

Twinsie Tuesday is a thing where a bunch of nail bloggers have a theme that is chosen for each Tuesday, then we all pick a polish to showcase for that theme, but don't tell each other:] So it'll be a surprise for everyone! Maybe I'll have a polish spirit sister out there that picks the same polish as me one week;] Who knows?? haha

Ahhhh, so I'm really excited to show you lovely ladies my polish today. This week's theme for Twinsie Tuesday is International Polish, so I chose HITS CanCan [from Brazil]!! It's a GORGEOUS flakie, a slightly dusty purple with flakies that flash blue and green. It's basically amazing in a bottle. Downside: I had to use 3 coats and it's a teeeeeeeeeeeny tiny bottle:/ I'll definitely have to look for suitable underwear for it next time haha.

Here's my first Twinsie Tuesday polish!

Base coat, 3 coats of CanCan, top coat, and Sarah's a happy camper for the rest of the day:] Thoughts? What are your feelings about flakies? It's my second favorite type of polish, and I'm SO happy with all the flakies coming out recently!

Thanks for tuning in to Twinsie Tuesday! & make sure you check out the other absolutely fantastic bloggers that are participating:


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Holo = Love

Look at this polish!! I love it!! Ahhhhh:] This is probably gonna be my number one most worn polish this summer and I can't be happier haha. Okay, so I really didn't think I'd like this as much as I do, but it's such a uniquely colored holo and it's so.. happy! I wore this yesterday after a long string of dark colors [winter does that to me..]. & I knew I'd be spending a little time outside that day, so on this went! I have 2 coats of HITS Demeter here. I've seen it look a lot more orange in swatches, but it's actually a really soft shade of orange. I think I did a fairly good job of getting it to show up here:

Next time I wear this, I'll definitely put 3 coats on. You could still see the whites of my nails, especially on the ring finger. You can buy HITS polishes here at Llarowe. Leah Ann's awesome:] And her customer service is amazing!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ring in the Red.. Behind Closed Doors

Hi all! Today I have a layering mani for you that was in my head for a while before I actually felt like wearing it haha. I originally wanted to do this with China Glaze Ruby Pumps, but it was right after I moved back to school and couldn't find my bottle :/ So I grabbed the closest red glitter and I think it worked out well! For this mani, I put 1 coat CG Ring in the Red, 1 coat Wet n Wild Behind Closed Doors, 1 coat RitR, and 1 coat BCD. Sorry about the funky middle finger, I was trying out different topcoats.

I liked this mani a LOT. It wore fairly well, but I like how dark it is while still showing that crazy red glitter so well:]

Friday, January 27, 2012

Vegas Nights!

Fridayyyyyyyy!! Yay! Who's ready for the weekend?? I definitely am, I am pooped from school this week. I didn't expect so much work so early:/ oh well. So today, I have another franken to show you! This will be up in the Etsy shop soon, along with Puzzlement & Jeggings :] This is called Vegas Nights! Shown here with 2 coats plus top coat:]

There's flakies, red glitter, purple holo glitter and some silver in there too!:]

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Evolution of a Mani

Hi everyone! How's Thursday treating you? The weather is pretty blah here today, but I'm wearing a new dress, so I'm in a good mood;] Also, I have on Essie Ruby Slippers and it's making me happy everytime I look at it. I need to show you all this mani asap. But for today, I have a mani I wore last week. It started off as me wanting to franken a light taupey purple [which I named Puzzlement] and then I thought "Woah, this kinda reminds me of the base color for Sally Hansen Mystic Lilac. So I wanted an amped up version of ML so I put flakies! Then more flakies! Then a glitter! Then a shimmer! So it's an involved mani, but I loved it a lot. I wore it for quite a while actually! It was strange for me haha. Here it is:

2 coats of Puzzlement [so named bc of it's tendency to change color in different lighting]... 1 coat of HITS Jazz... 1 coat of Finger Paints Motley... 1 coat of Lynnderella Connect the Dots... 1 final coat of Pure Ice Heart Breaker!!

Whew! For those keeping count, that's 6 layers of polish, plus base coat and top coat. But it dried pretty fast, so no complaints:]

What do you think? Fugly or pretty? Or pretty-ugly? haha

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The $2 Manicure

Hello everyone! Hope your weeks are going well thus far:] Today I have a $2 layering mani for you that is so easy and pretty. I just used Sinful Colors Hottie and Daddys Girl and I got this sparkly, deep, pretty purple mani, and I love it! I used 1 coat of Daddys Girl, 1 coat of Hottie, then 2 more coats of Daddy's Girl. Enjoy!

The best part about this is that Sinful Colors polishes are so cheap!! I love it:] You could do basically the same look with Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz, if you have that. And Hottie is a dupe for OPI Last Friday Night! :] So you're set with any of those.

How's everyone's week so far? Mine is hectic, but I'm loving it:]

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jam N Jelly!

Hello lovelies! I am super happy today, the sun is out and I'm not stressed and I'm just in a good mood. So I have another franken to show you today. I didn't know what to name this one, but some awesome ladies on my Facebook group helped me out, so thank you guys!!! <3 Anyway, I settled on the name Jam N Jelly and now I think I might do a jelly / jam mini collection for the Etsy shop, since I now have 3 frankens [Grape Jelly and Poppy Jelly named that haha. I just really like jelly, I guess! Anyway, this is 2 coats [I think?] of Jam N Jelly:

Now I'm gonna go make some PB&J.. all this jelly talk makes me hungry;]

Monday, January 23, 2012

Believe Me..

when I tell you this polish is FREAKING AMAZING. You need it. Now.

Okay, now that we've established that, hi:] How's is everyone on this [rainy in Jersey] Monday? I hate the rain, it's the pits. But it's alright, what can you do? Anyway, I have for you Wet N Wild ColorIcon: Believe Me, It's Real on today. It's crazy bright small blue glitter with larger purple glitters in there and it's sooo pretty!! I can't even take it, I love this so much. It makes me so happy:] I have on 3 thin coats, but you might be able to get away with 2 thick ones.

This might be one of the most perfect Sarah polishes ever. Yeah, I love it that much.

Oh, also, I got Glitter Tamer last week and used it on  this, so just a quick review: I love it. It really does wonders for this [which used to take me about 7 coats of top coat to get anywhere near smooth]. I did one coat of Glitter Tamer and one of NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat and it was almost perfect. Next time for these, I'd do 2 coats of GT, then top coat.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jeggings: My Take on the Chanel Les Jeans

Hello, lovely ladies! Happy Sunday:] Today I have for you my take on Chanel's Les Jeans polishes. Cremes are pretty and all, but totally not my favorite finish of polish. So the Chanel Les Jeans polishes just didn't call to me at all... especially when considering the price! And the Nubar versions of it didn't float my boat enough either. But I got some frankening supplies recently and realized that I haven't made a creme in a loooooooooong time.. So I naturally I had to fix that! :] I call this one Jeggings, since it's based on the jeans polishes, but nooooot exactly, heehee.

I had it on at 3 coats:] this franken is suuuuuper shiny and dried really fast! It's definitely the NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat I use for my frankens. Seriously, it's awesome. If you franken and don't need a suspension base, get this stuff!! :] That's my 2 cents lol.

So how was everyone's weekend??? Mine was completely unproductive [but relaxing!].

P.S. FingersAmanda, and Rach: this one's for you;] I know you girls love your cremes!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow on Snow

happy snow day! Here in Jersey, we got some snow last night, nothing major. But enough to be pretty! & to inspire today's mani. I made this franken around Christmas time, in a complete accident. My sister and I were making nail polish ornaments and she started mixing a bunch of polishes together to make an icicle-looking one. So I promptly took over [oops!] and started mixing all these soft white glittery polishes together to make this: Snow on Snow. It's a little softer IRL and has both iridescent glitters and flakies that are more visible. Anyway, here's two coats of it:

You like?? Zoya Luna, Love and Beauty Silver, Essie Shine of the Times, China Glaze Snow Globe, and Sally Hansen Twinkle Twinkle all went into this, as well as some random white I had laying around. And possibly SH Aisle Be There, as well? I forget! *shame*

Anyway, who got some snow today?? Did you made snow angels?:]

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Save the Date

Hi, everyone! Super quick post today, I have to literally run off to class. I have for you today 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Save the Date from the Diamond Strength Line and I looooooove this. It's soooo shimmery and plain old pretty. The shimmer is red and blue and the polish's base color is gorgeous as well. Okay, here it is!:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When a Dragon has a tummy ache..

Happy Wednesday! What have you lovely ladies been up to?? I've been in class [booooo] and doing a little bit of frankening to gift away [yay!].  Speaking of, I have a franken that I wore last week to show you. This started off trying to be the green version of Cult Nails Unicorn Puke/Clairvoyant, but then it got too crazy, so I had to take some out and fill it with clear. Eventually, I ended up with what I've dubbed Dragon Puke, a green jelly base with red, blue, holo, black, & iridescent glitter and 2 kinds of flakies. It's pure craziness in a bottle and I LOVE it. Here it is at 3 coats [for maximum glitterrrrrr]

Possibly went a little overboard with this one?? Oh well, that's just how I roll;]