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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Extreme Layering: Home Edition

Hello, everyone! It's Sunday! Which means my finals are soon:/ Meh.

Well, while I wasn't studying last night, I was looking [read: drooling] over the Finger Paints flakies and decided to do a layering mani [again haha]. I did 2 coats of Icing Vampire's Blood, sent to me from the amaaaaaazing Amanda from Amandalandish followed by 1 coat of China Glaze Ring in the Red, then 1 coat Sinful Colors Green Ocean, and finally 1 coat LA Girls Glitter Addict Eutopia. Yes, this was craziness. No, I am naaaaht looking forward to taking this off.



  1. Wow!!! That's a lot of glitter!! Great combo though.

  2. Glitter overload!! Awesome! :) I agree though, removal will be not so awesome haha.

  3. I love layering! This came out amazing!

  4. 1. Love the title of this post!
    2. You're the sweetest to say that :) Swapping with you was really awesome.
    3. I'm blown away by this combo. So gorgeous, you need to franken this!
    4. Ugh, the removal. I do not envy you at all.

  5. OMG Gorgeous! I can't believe how pretty this is.

  6. @MariJo, haha thanks. It's how I roll, glitter overload ;]
    @Chelsea, thanks!
    @beauxsmom, it was soo sparkly! thank you:]
    @Polish and Charms, I love layering too!! it's one of my favorite things to do with a mani
    @Amanda, 1. haha, thank you! 2. agreed, I loved swapping with you! 3. Thank you so much!! it means a lot:] I was thinking about frankening something like this, but I'll need some more SC Green Ocean 4. I know. My cuticles weep:[
    @JennaFroggy, thank youuu!
    @Fingers, haha yes it is!