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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus!

Hello, everyone! Happy Hump Day;] Today was my first reading day at school [they give us a few days to study before finals], so naturally, I slept for about 11 hours, no joke. It was glorious.. Then I got to swatching!! Forgive my next few swatches, I got a bad gash on my middle finger over the weekend and it's not too great yet :/ But I haaaaaaaave to show you guys these polishes, so forgive me!

Here's my next Christmas franken: Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. It looks a little like a lipstick shade to me. If lipstick were holographic that is;]


Sorry for the picture overload, I get excited about holo frankens. It was hard to show the holo-ness of it, especially in those sun pictures! Weird, huh? This was pretty easy to make too, just spectraflair and Essie Wicked & some clear polish & you're good to go! It's crazy shiny, too. But really, how insane would holo lipstick be?! Someone get on that!


  1. Pretty color!! Glad you were able to rest ;0)

  2. Gorgeous! You don't typically see deep red holos. This one is great!

  3. Bestie, I love thissssssssssss! Show me your ways over break? :) -Em

  4. This is so pretty!! Just found your blog-am a new follower!!

  5. I need to get myself some spectraflair immediately because I love this! Thank you for sharing your recipe, I think even a franken novice like me might be able to pull it off haha. Also, I would die if they made holo lipstick!! I have a duochrome lip color from Hourglass but I still want holo.

  6. @ MariJo, thanks! It was much needed haha
    @ Steph, thank you! I find that if you start with nearly black polishes and add the spectraflair & some clear, you get a deeply colored holo!
    @ Em, definitely!! <3
    @ Fingers, thanks so much!! I'm following you back:]
    @ Chelsea, duochrome lip color?! ahh, need it! I have the flakie lip gloss from hard candy, it's great.

  7. First of all, you're amazing and I will now be following your blog religiously. Secondly, I love all your Frankens. I mean, come on...what's not to love? Thirdly, where in the world can I find spectraflair? I've recently been seeing holos on blogs that I follow and I'm quickly falling in love with them...aka I must have some very very soon!

  8. ahh! Sorry, Savanna, just realized I didn't reply to our amazingly sweet post! Thank you so so much!:] I got my spectraflair from