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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve nails

It's a two for one post today!! Yay! Plus some nail art... Yeah, who knew?? Haha, all the AMAZING holiday manis I've seen other ladies post recently inspired me to mix up my manis a little. So for Christmas Eve, I have on Santa hats!

Aren't they cute?? They make me happy, even though they're sooo far from perfect. I used a coat of NOPI Make a Commet-ment, then dotted the hats on with NOPI Orna-ment for Each Other and Sally Hansen Whirlwind White. I also had on Lynnderella's Happy Holo-daze! a few days ago:

Two coats over Wet n Wild Black Creme

Blurred a bit for that holo glitter

Everything everyone's saying about this is true: it's a bajillion times more amazing version of Party Hearty. lovelovelove it.

What are you all wearing for the holidays??


  1. Cute Santa hat manicure! I love it. Happy Holo-Daze! looks awesome as well. I'm wearing Glittering Garland with Twinkle Lights on the tips for Christmas.

  2. Love the Santa's hat! And how do you get your hands on Lynderella's polish's? I seem to have no luck. Merry Christmas Sarah!

  3. adorable santa hats! and happy holo-daze is the best evar, looks good on you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  4. The Santa hats are such a cute idea, love it!!

  5. Love them BOTH! You have me lemming quite a few Lynnderella polishes now... Merry Christmas! :)

  6. Aww the hats are so sweet! My Christmas Eve mani was similar in that it wasn't perfect, but it was relentlessly cheery. :)

  7. @ all, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!:]
    @ Melissa, that sounds so perfectly Christmasy!! love.
    @Nory, MariJo, beauxsmom, Lacquer Factor, Polish and Charms, thank you all!!
    @ Anne, I STALKED Lynnderella's page and got my hands on these, but you can also order from Llarowe: . They're a bit more expensive, but a little easier to get. :]
    @ Chelsea, it's an addiction!! Lynnderellas are basically my drug. An expensive habit haha.
    @ H, thanks!! and that's what matters right? :] I love the holiday spirit