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Friday, December 16, 2011

OPF: Reptilian

Hello, everybody! In my latest installment of Other People's Frankens, I bring you Reptilian from Linsday of Yacking About Lacquer. I've gotten a couple of polishes from her, but this is by far my favorite. Take a look at why:

This is 2 perfect coats

Look at that shimmer!! ugh, I am in LOVE. Plus I love this color green more than I thought I would:] You can see Lindsay's etsy shop here! Seriously go check it out from time to time. She's really talented.


  1. Hi !! These look very nice ! You have a great blog , i love your blog !! :)) i following you :)
    i wish follow me back..kissess xXX.

  2. What a pretty polish!! I love the gold shimmer in it.

  3. I have two of her frankens - they really are amazing!

  4. Oooo, I've never seen these frankens before! You seriously have the best eye for them! What a great shimmer this one has.

  5. I love this! Reminds me of a brighter Zoya Yara, which I absolutely adore.

  6. @ nasli, thanks so much! i'm following you back:]
    @ MariJo, thanks! the shimmer is so pretty, right?
    @ duhnay, which 2?? and I agree, I love them
    @ Chelsea, thanks so much! you should definitely check out her shop, the polishes are awesome
    @ Amanda, ooooooh, i totally see that now! love Yara<3

  7. whoa, thanks so much for posting about my frankens!!