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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog Sale, Woo!

So, I have WAY too much nail polish that I don't wear, so I decided to put a Blog Sale tab, right up there ^. See it? Pretty, huh? Check it out, maybe I have something you want! & while you're at it, go take a gander at my giveaway. There's some pretty cool stuff riiiiiiiiiiiight there! -->

Also, I'm thinking about selling some of my frankens? Problem is I never write down what I put into a franken.. So it'd be like one or max two bottles of one color. Or maybe people can commission a franken from me! Haha, like, tell me your dream polish(es) & I'll try to make you one (or two or three). What do you think?? 


  1. You have so many great polishes! I wish I had a Pay Pal account. I'd so be getting some if I did. :)

  2. I wish pay day was! I added your blog sale to my blog sale page. :)

  3. i hope you got my email!! ive been checking like crazy see if you already replied. ! hahhaa i want that polish THAT bad. lol

  4. There are some polishes here that are seriously tempting my whole "you can't buy more nail polish until after Christmas" rationale I started after Thanksgiving was over with. The life of a polish addict... *sigh*

    On a happier note, I think your unnamed Essie you have for sale may be Wild Thing?

  5. thanks everyone!!
    @ Chelsea, i think you're right!! ahh thanks so much:]