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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Deep Space: a franken

Hello, all!! This week, I'll be showing some frankens that will most probably be on mine and my sister's Etsy shop [coming soon!]. So today I have for you Deep Space [side note: all names are subject to change]. This was my attempt at creating the missing Tony Moly polish from their glittery planet line. This is basically the inverse of the Jupiter one [which is deep purple with large blue holo glitter and small purple glitter]. Deep Space is a deep blue with large purple holo glitter and small blue glitter. And this will be in the shop at some point:] Here it is at 2 coats:

It's more sparkly and a little more vibrant IRL. So what do you think??? Constructive criticism?


  1. I really like it!! You're so good at this!

  2. This is so beautiful! I really really like it! :D

  3. this is BEAUTIFUL! i'll definitely be getting one if you open up shop!

  4. When I bought the Tony Moly collection I wondered why they didn't make a blue. I'm glad you did!!! I'm also stoked that you are going to open an Etsy store. Good for you! Your frankens are faaaaaaaabulous!

  5. yayyyyyy!! thank you all! I hope to open up the shop by this weekend, though this won't be on it until a little later:]

    & @HaulOfFame, thank you sooo much for your support/the idea to open it up haha:]