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Friday, December 30, 2011

Robin Sparkles!

YES. A HIMYM reference. I love that show so much. When I made this franken, I could NOT think of a name for it. Then this popped into my head:

Perfect. I love Robin Sparkles so much...Anyway, here 2 coats of my franken [which will be in the etsy shop], a deep fuchsia with red, purple, and blue glitter:

Thoughts?? And anyone else watch How I Met Your Mother & have "Let's Go to the Mall" stuck in their heads right now? :p


  1. Robin Sparkles is the perfect name for this franken!

    My sister has this game for her Wii called, like, Just Dance or something and it's a dancing game and one of the songs is "Let's Go to the Mall."

  2. Ahh I love HIMYM! And this is such a gorgous colour!

  3. Bahaha! Perfect name :) Love the glittery goodness :)

  4. Love the name, it's just perfect for this beauty! I watched HIMYM up til around season five then just fell out of the habit, but I've been meaning to catch up...

  5. Very nice!! This reminds me of Superman! :D

  6. YES! I Love HIMYM and this polish is friggin amazing!

  7. I read this post this morning and have been mumbling "let's go to the!" under my breath all day. (P.S. How sad was that last episode with Robin not having kids? I actually cried.) Anyway, as usual, love this franken of yours! It's like a funkier Orly Fowl Play.

  8. LOL! I love How I Met Your Mother!!! What a gorgeous franken! I love it!

    I just realized that I wasn't a follower! OOOPPPSS!

  9. Robin Sparkles, that's the best name ever for a polish!! Love the franken too.

  10. @ all, thank you!!

    @Madeline, that's so funny. That would be the only song I ever played that game to haha.

    @Jennius, it's suchhhh a good show!

    @MariJo, you know me and my glitters ;]

    @All Things Shiny, haha, thank you!

    @Chelsea, you have to catch up!! I'm a firm HIMYM advocate.

    @Ashesela, oooh, I can definitely see that!

    @Dana, loveeeeeeee the show! I've probably watched it through about 3 times haha. & thank you!

    @Amanda, it gets stuck in my head ALL the time at the most random moments!! Haha, makes for weird looks from my housemates;] & I know, what a sad episode:[ Poor Robin!!

    @Jenn, ahhhh, I'm so glad you like it!:]

    @Morie, haha thank you!!