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Monday, April 2, 2012

Urban Outfitters Winterberry!

Happy [?] Monday!! How was everyone's weekend?? I'm still exhausted haha, so I'm going to type this post up and promptly take a nap. Here's 2 coats of Urban Outfitter's Winterberry:

It's a pretty polish with a great formula, but it looked pretty duochrome-y in the bottle, and it didn't ranslate too well onto the nail:/ Oh well. I'm just glad to see UO coming out with pretty polishes! I lovelovelove the bottle, it's my absolute favorite haha.


  1. I like the light blue shimmer/duochrome!

  2. I didn't know Urban Outfitters made polish--very cool! This is such a pretty color and I love the little purple sparkles peeking out in the macro shot. It totally reminds me of another polish but I can't think of which one!

    1. they have some really nice polishes!! and i'm in looove with their bottle