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Sunday, April 22, 2012

2 for 1 Sunday!

Hi all! I have 2 polishes to show you today not a lot of talking. Just taking a break from my paper to post these:] First up is HITS Rocker Chick, which is admittedly really cool looking, but I thought it would be full coverage like the other glitters in this line. I couldn't really find swatches of this online, but my bottle doesn't look like this at all. So maybe I got a weird bottle? Idk. It's definitely more of a layering polish for me. Anyway, this is 3 coats:

It was pretty gritty, so I have Glitter Tamer + TC on this. There was also a few random iridescent glitters in this. I doubt I'll wear it like this again, it looks cool close up, but just black from a distance.

Second polish!

This is Pretty and Polished's Swing. I have to say, I think Pretty & Polished is my all time favorite indie polish seller. She has SO MANY polishes to choose from, restocks often, seriously has something for everyone, and has great great customer service. I love it! I can't rave enough about her. I have more of her polishes than any other indie seller.
About Swing: this is a pink I can love [shown at 3 coats]. The white glitter is genius in this, and it has a lot of depth. That being said, I'd love more black glitter, but let's be honest: I'll be wearing this a lot this summer regardless haha.