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Friday, April 13, 2012

I Have Cupcakes on My Nails!!

... okay, not really. But that's what I kept thinking every time I looked down at my nails. It was a good [and hunger inducing] day haha. Shooting Star is definitely my favorite of this Tony Moly line, I love the all the different glitter in it. I do wish it showed up a liiiiittle more purple, but it's okay. Like the other 2, it took 3 coats to opacity [sorry about the weird spot on my middle finger, user error!!]. It doesn't have the little iridescent glitters the other 2 have, but it might have been over kill, actually. This pretty polish doesn't really need anymore, it's beautiful like this. Also, this had the best glitter coverage of all 3:]


  1. That's gorgeous! I can see the resemblance to cupcakes :P Making me hungry!

  2. I also just got the Tony Moly trisome but I haven't had the time to check them properly just yet.
    I'm really liking your swatch here.
    A really good motivation to give em a decent try!! Thanks :-D

    1. thanks!! they're really great, i love them all:]

  3. It's super cute! It does remind me of a cupcake xD

  4. The multi glitter looks so fun! Love it :)