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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Weather Makes Me Happy:D

Hi! It's gorgeous outside!! I'm in love with the weather right now, it's beauuuutiful! So here's a springy mani for you, inspired by the amazing layering idea of Steffels. Seriously, this girl has the most PERFECT nails and pictures and layering ever ever ever. Blogger crush.. Anyway, I wanted to put Lynnderella's Sweets to the Sweet over a light blue, and I'd had Love & Beauty's Sky Blue out already from the All that Glitters layering, so there's 2 coats of SB and 1 coat of SttS, though I think I'll put 2 coats next time.. Or a thicker 1 coat. We'll see haha.

It's the most perfectly springy, pastelly mani I've ever had on, really. It just reminds me of Peeps and Easter eggs:]