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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pastel for Easter

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating it today [my Easter is next week, I'm Orthodox Christian and we have a different calender haha]! Whatever you're celebrating today, whether it be Easter, Passover, or a beautiful Sunday, here's a nice pastel from Sally Hansen!

Okay, so I really really didn't think that I'd want these Smooth and Perfect Sally Hansens when I saw pictures of them popping up online, but I really really like them! They look good on my nails, the formula [while a little more sheer than I'd like] is actually really smooth, and the polishes have this unexpected pearliness that I really love. Here's 3 thin coats of Whisper, which is a little more purple than it shows up here:

Unexpected win!! Love those. I've worn Sea, Air, and Fog from this line before and those have been great, too. It's a really pretty, calming color and perfect for spring:D I'll probably be rocking it on my toes sometime soon, too.


  1. I see the pearlyness in the pictures, thanks for swatching. I always wondered about these, you can't really tell much from the bottle... these are perfect for spring too!

    1. thank you! i really do love these so much more than i thought i would

  2. Wow, that is much prettier on the nail than I expected from the bottles I've seen. Love the pearl finish!

  3. Lovely color for spring. I love pastels :)

  4. This looks so beautiful on you Sarah!! I have it, but haven't tried it yet. I love the color.