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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Mani

Happy Memorial Day all:] Hope your long weekends are going well!! Today, I'm showing you what I wore for memorial day: RBL's IKB:2012, F4 Polish's Party in the USA on my ring and thumb nails, and a franken I made on the rest of the nails :]

With my franken and Party in the USA

IBK: 2012 on it's own; 2 coats

It matched a bracelet I just got so perfectly!! I had to wear them together haha. IKB: 2012 isn't the best formula I've ever used, but I'm really loving the color. It got goopy on me fairly fast, so I had to let it sit between each hand. Ahh, it's okay. Party in the USA was super thick, and a little tough to maneuver, but it got there eventually. And my franken hasn't been named yet, but I'm thinking about calling it Happy Birthday, America! for the Fourth of July :]

What did everyone do today? Barbeques? Parades?? Spill!


  1. Cute franken! I love the layering you did with it.

  2. Love this combo! Your franken is awesome!

  3. your franken is just aweeesome! I didnt do much today knowing that i had to get back to work tomorrow, just stayed home and did tons of laundry! soo fuh huh .lol

  4. Such a cute mani! Very on theme. :) LOVE IKB: 2012 on you, btw!

  5. Pretty! Oooh I love your bracelet!

  6. Ahh i love your franken! Very patriotic ;)

    1. thank you!! haha, can't wait for 4th of july:]

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