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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Funky French

Hi! That post title has a lot of alliteration, hahaha. Anyway, for this week's theme, we had to do a funky french. I generally don't do much nail art or jazz up my manis too much [they're usually a whole mess of glitter, anyway lol], but I really liked this funky french from Nails Stories, so I decided to give it a whirl. It definitely didn't turn out as gorgeous as Vanessa's but I liked the overall look:] I felt very retro!

I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Crinoline for the base and Color Club Fast Woman for the dots and french tip:] It's not the neatest in the world, and it smeared a teeny bit, but I had fun wearing this out on Friday:]

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  1. This reminds me of a dress from the 50s, it's so retro and fun!

  2. So cute Sarah! Reminds me of Minnie Mouse!

  3. Cute! I love red dots on white!

  4. Oh, this so reminds me of Minnie Mouse, too!

  5. Super awesome and retro, lady!

  6. My dots always smear a bit too. But this is adorable, the color combination looks vintage. Love it!

  7. For some reason, it reminds me of Micky Mouse. Cute!

  8. Hey you did polka dots too! Great minds! ;)

  9. Such a cute funky french! Love it :)

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE The red polka dots!!! Very cute and poop on the smearyness lol xo E

  11. This reminds me of Minnie Mouse so I instantly love it!

  12. Super cute! I love polka dots. :) I agree with Amanda that this has a really cool, retro look to it.

  13. SO adorable! It looks like the pattern of a 50's dress. I would wear it!

  14. I absolutely love this! This is so much fun!! :)