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Friday, May 18, 2012

2 Greens

Hello all! I have 2 greens to show you today, the famous Nars Zulu being the first! Okay, I've been lusting after this polish for a loooong time, but never bit the bullet and just got it because I was afraid it wouldn't measure up, you know? But while I'm still in the market for my perfect dark [but not too dark] green jelly, I really do love this one for what it is: non-red, vampy, squishiness. I had wanted to do 2 coats but it was still streaky, so here it is at 2:

My second green is a polish that will be in the etsy shop as soon as I get my bottles! Mock Turtle at 3 coats:


  1. Darn it, Sarah! Why do you have to keep making awesome polishes! I want them all so bad. I need to start saving up...I'm on a no-buy right now.

    1. hahaha, well, maybe by the time i get my bottles, you'll be off the no buy! thank you sooo much<3

  2. They both look amazing! I really like how deep zulu is!