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Monday, May 7, 2012

Alta Costura Vernis: Abstraction

Mondayyyy, boooo. The weather's weird today, too, so that's not helping the Monday blues haha. Ah well...

Today, I have another Alta Costura Vernis polish to show you:] This was the first one she had out, I believe. And it was the first one I snatched up!! :] Abstraction is [as described in the Etsy listing]: "a clear base with fine silver glitter, neon colored glitter, all different shapes and sizes of black glitter, and silver bar glitter". I've tried it over 2 different bases, though I'm still not sure which I like more.

Over Essence Dawn is Broken

Over Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB:2012

The formula was good on this, though you had to fish a little for the neon hex glitters. Definitely worth it, I haven't seen a polish like this. You can find ACV polishes here, though her shop's on vacation for a little while:]


  1. Love this polish :) also adore it over the grey :)


  2. This is so cool!! Gorgeous over both!!

  3. That is an awesome glitter! It's unique and different, at least to me anyway.

  4. Oh man that is awesome! And unique too!

  5. This is so cool! IT almost looks like an instant paint splatter mani from a distance.

  6. LOVE!!!!!! I cant pick which one I like more!!!