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Monday, May 21, 2012

Fantasy Fire goes Girly!

Hi all! Hope your weather is nicer than Jersey's today, it's rainy and blahhhh over here. Anyway, I have a mani I wore for quite a while during my final exam period, it held up really really well [so please excuse some minor tip wear]. It was INSANELY glossy too, though I'm not sure if I attribute that to the Max Factor Fantasy Fire or to my top coat [Cult Nails Wicked Fast]. Anyway, I had on 3 coats of Zoya Gilda and 2 of Fantasy Fire in most of these:]

Gilda on its own, 3 coats

With 1 coat of FF

Color shift!

I love the sparkliness of Gilda underneath with that color shifting shimmer!! Ahhh


  1. The weather has been awful by me too :P But pretty nails make it better! I love these!

  2. Super pretty! Aw I hope the weather starts to improve!

  3. Wow interesting combo! I love seeing polishes in new ways!