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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Mani of the New Year

Hello, all! I'm back with real posts after that mini hiatus. Sorry about that, by the way, my sister and I were preparing for our Etsy shop. Since I'm at home and don't have my whole stash with me, we'll be opening up with about 15 polishes [maybe more if I can get my hands on some things!] and a good amount of nail polish jewelry and some knit items as well as these bracelet things we make called prayer ropes. So be on the lookout, and I'll let you know when we go live! Also, for this opening, there won't be many of the frankens you've seen on my blog just yet, but I hope to remedy that in about 2 weeks. And we're hoping for a holo collection of minis in about a month! You will see Robin Sparkles, Grape Jelly, and Stocking Stuffer [under a new name] plus a bunch of others!!

Anyway, onto the pictures. So this was my first mani of the new year, Sally Hansen Fireberry Red with Cult Nails Clairvoyant over it. Here's 3 coats of FbR by itself:

A red I like!!! ahh! I love the little crushed gold flakies in it; they really make it glow!

Here's that mani with one coat of Clairvoyant over it:

Flakiesssssssssss. I chose FbR because it's not really a "me" color, so I wanted to branch out for the start of the new year! How do you like it on me? and what was your first full mani of the new year? Also, thoughts on the Etsy shop?? :]


  1. That looks so pretty!! Congrats on the Etsy shop, I may have to pick your brain! I am considering one myself!

  2. Great combination and congrats on your shop, that's so cool! I should probably venture out with some red nail polishes too. It's the only polish color I never wear. I just can't seem to find one I like.

  3. So pretty! I wanted Fireberry Red but found out about it way too late :( Ugh, I hate LEs.

  4. That is so awesome about your shop!! Congratulations!! :D I think that this mani looks great on you. ^-^

  5. Congrats on your shop, I can't wait to see all the beauties you came up with! My first full mani of 2012 was Sally Hansen Model Behavior. I need to try and branch out with some more reds too this year since I hardly ever wear them. And I'm seriously wishing I had Clairvoyant! I neeeeedddd it!

  6. Clairvoyant is gorgeous over this red! I really like this combo. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for your Etsy shop announcement. I'm on a no-buy, but I may have to bend the rules a wee bit ;)

  7. @Polish and Charms, thank you! Let me know if you need anything! :]

    @MariJo, thanks!

    @Melissa, I know, I'm the same way with reds. I've been trying to branch out more and wear some reds and pinks this year.

    @Nory, thank you!

    @Amanda, I know, so sad:[ BUTTTTTTTT, I have a comparison post coming soon! LA Girl Addict is basically a dupe!

    @Ashesela, thank you soooo much!!

    @Chelsea, oooh, great pick! I feel you about the reds, trust me haha. But I'm really into deeper reds right now, even though I'm still not totally comfortable wearing them for more than a day haha.

    @Katherine, thank you so so much!! you're insanelyyyyyy sweet<3