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Sunday, January 8, 2012


So, I just wanted to share what I got this week from some amazingly nice and talented bloggers:] First off, Jenn from All That is Gorgeous sent me these two Wet N Wild ColorIcons for being a guest blogger [seriously, how sweet is that?!]:

Back Alley Deals and Give Me a Price Quote !!! Love these<3 

And then I won MariJo from Polish Obsession's giveaway! 
Temptress, Copper Penny, and Ruby Ribbon

Yayyyyyy! Thank you so much, ladies, I love them:] Can't wait to get them on my nails!


  1. You got some great stuff! Congratulations on your win!

  2. These are so great!! I just got Back Alley Deals and Give Me A Price Quote too!! :D They are so pretty and Jenn is so sweet! ^-^

  3. Yayy!! Glad you like them. Those Wet n Wild glitters look so awesome too.

  4. Lovely nail polishes! I never win anything on the giveaways I enter :(
    Thanks for following, I will follow you back :)

  5. Oooh I have all the Ice Baby collection polishes, they are gorgeous. I especially love 24 Carats and Believe Me It's Real. You have to swatch Copper Penny asap, I've been on the look out for that lovely!

  6. thank you all!! it was my very first win ever, so I'm super happy about it:]

    @Sheba, will do!!