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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday Goes Indie!

Happy Twinsie Tuesday once again! Today's challenge could not be more up my alley hahaha. This week's challenge was to show an indie mani. So I have one of my more recent acquisitions, and one of my all time favorite polishes, Smitten Polish's I Want It Now.

HOW INSANE IS THIS?! This is definitely in the running for my favorite polish ever. It's emerald green, glittery, holo-y, opaque in 2 coats, jelly, and just absolutely stunning. I have no words for how in love with this I am. It's perfect. Just.. perfect. This definitely beat China Glaze Emerald Sparkled in the Favorite Green EVER category. It's the holo and black glitters that do it. Excuse me while I cradle my bottle of IWIN [also, great acronym!] and drool some more.

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  1. I agree- this is super stunning and I can see why it's in the running for your top spot ;) Very pretty!!

  2. OOOO! This is such a pretty fun green!!!

  3. Sarah our fellow indie lover! this great! Is it kinda like Hungry Asian Sea Creature?

    1. hmm, a little. but this has a green jelly base and SC has more blue and more variety in glitter size. This is more like a holographic CG Emerald Sparkled

  4. Whoa! I'm going to be cheesy and say "I want it now!" :)

  5. Green+glitter+indie=WANT!! Amazing polish!

  6. I've been lemming some Smittens and your post isn't helping my restraint!

    1. they're seriously gorgeous! i love the ones i have a lot

  7. I have such beautiful Smittens! This one is gorgeous!

  8. oh wow! this is so beautiful!!!

  9. Pretty! I have been lemming some Smitten!

    1. I love mine! You should definitely look into some:]