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Monday, October 15, 2012

I Make it Rain Leaves!

Hello all:] I have another beautiful Lacquistry to show you all today, I Make it Rain Leaves. I had some trouble figuring out the best way to rock this collection, but I stumbled on Harvest Moon and decided that it would work best with this polish. I used to stay away from wearing glitter over foils [something about the combination always bothered me for some reason..], but after wearing Glass Houses, I'm warming up to the whole thing. So I put on 2 coats of CG Harvest Moon [which is a PERFECT fall color] and then 1 coat of IMiRL.

I love all the colors in IMiRL, they go together so well! Anyway, I'll be having guest posts and backlogged swatches for the next week-ish, I broke some nails pretty badly this weekend:[ I'm hoping the base coat I'm using will hurry up the process!!


  1. this is so cute!!! super fall. next time i wear harvest moon it's getting some glitter :)

  2. This is beautiful! Definitely a great fall polish!

  3. Gorgeous! I need to bust out Harvest Moon or Riveting and do a good copper-y glitter layering. This and the Glass Houses mani you did for your guest post on my blog are really inspiring me! :)