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Friday, July 6, 2012

First Guest Post!

Hello all! Today's guest post comes from the wonderful Jenna from I'm Still Thinking :]

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well!
First, I want to say Thank You to Sarah for having me a as a guest poster. For those who don’t know me, I’m Jenna from I’m Still Thinking… I was so happy when Sarah asked for volunteers to guest post. I love helping out!
So when Sarah first asked for volunteers I really wracked my brain trying to think of the perfect mani. I never did come up with an idea. I had about a million camp related ideas, but never got around to trying them. :O/
I had been wanting to try this mani for a while and after I did it I knew I wanted to use it for this post. Sorry, I notice a couple tips look a bit ragged…I think there may have been a stray flakie or two O.o
I am not your standard french tip kinda girl. I am normally anti-french tip, lol. But from the moment I first laid eyes on Barielle Buddha-ful I knew it was meant for a french tip mani on me. It is a very sheer nude polish with green/blue flakies.
The gold was a last minute touch to cover up my shakey tip lines, but I really think it goes great with this mani.

I know this is a completely anti-camping mani, but it turned out so good I couldn’t resist using it for this post. I hope ya’ll enjoyed it. Hurry back Sarah…we miss you a lot <3


Thank you so much for your post, Jenna!! <3 I am LOVING that Barielle flakie!


  1. I love the gold stripe, it adds such a great pop of color that really takes this manicure over the top. Great combo of colors!

  2. Great mani, Jenna! Love the tips :D

  3. love this French tip Jenna!!

  4. Cute french tips, Jenna! Great idea in using Buddha-ful. It's so pretty.

  5. I ADORE this mani so much!! Jenna, it is absolutely stunning!! :D