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Monday, July 30, 2012

Guest Post from Amanda of Amandalandish!

Hi all you seers of Sarah swatching!
(Corny, I know, I know.)

I'm Amanda from Amandalandish and I have the absolute pleasure of guest posting on Sarah's blog while she's away.  I absolute adore Sarah, her frankens, and her general enthusiasm about everything so I tried to find a polish that resonated with her blog.

I think I found the perfect polish!  Flormar 04, sent by my European swap buddy, Ruth, is an absolute gem of a polish.  Talk about enthusiasm, this polish just screams happy, doesn't it?  I think of it as the older sister of China Glaze Riveting, only without the reference to child gladiators.  Anyways, despite the fact that the swatch appears slightly more orange, I would actually consider 04 to be a coral-leaning color, which suits me fine since I love both shades.  

In the bottle, however, 04 is practically swimming with gold flakies and there's an actual glow emanating from the glass which you can slightly make out under my middle finger in the swatch.  On the nail, sadly, the flakies just don't translate and are eaten up by the coral creme.  While this is certainly a shimmer laden polish, it lacks the pizzazz it advertises in the bottle.  I still very much enjoy this color and think it's just perfect for the year of Tangerine Tango.

This is two perfect coats.

The one thing I must say about Flormar is that their formula and brush are perfection!  The polish is never runny and is just a pleasure to apply.  It bums me out that more of these fantastic brands are not offered in the US.

My thanks to Sarah for giving me the opportunity to share this polish and brand with you lovely ladies.  Hope you enjoy and come visit me in Amandaland one of these days!