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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TT: Regional Polish!

So I'm cheating with this TT... I'm showing you 2 unnamed prototypes of my frankens!!

Is this regional enough?? Heehee:]

Amanda at Amandalandish
Anna at Going to the Showing
Anne at Grape Fizz Nails
Ashley at Art Evolve
Brandi at The Collegiate Nail
Chelsea at Nailed Blog
ChiChi at I'm Just Me...ChiChi
Cordia at Srsly Swatched
Jenn at All That is Gorgeous...
Jenna at I'm Still Thinking...
Katherine at Haul of Fame
Marisa at Polish Obsession
Meredith at Polish and Charms
Nory at Fierce Makeup and Nails
Rachel at Top Coat It
Tara at Polishy of Truth


  1. These are GORGEOUS! Also? I miss you! I hope you are having so much fun!

  2. Both are so gorgeous! The second one is my favorite!

  3. GORGEOUS! I think it is very regional! LOL!

  4. TOTALLY regional! LOL I miss you Sarah! Hope you are doing well and hope you got your swap package(s) safely!

  5. AYIIIII!!! They are both gorgeous, but I LOVE the first one!! Your frankens always blow me away! :D

  6. Both are amazing! That first one really knocks my socks off! Will that be available soon??

  7. Sarah, YOURE KILLING ME HERE. I. Just. Died.

  8. Lol Sarah! Very cute "cheat."

  9. Love the cheat! I totally adore the second one!

  10. Loving the cheating you did here. These frankens are gorgeous!

  11. Sarah, you have me addicted to your frankens now!! I need MORE! :) I'm very happy you "cheated" here and shared these with us.

  12. awesome "cheat" very regional!!!

  13. I'd say that *definitely* counts as regional--downright local, even! And both of them are just fabulous too. I love the deep, dense glitters of the first one, and the second's colours and coverage are fantastic. ^_^

  14. Hey Sarah, I wanted to tell you I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog!
    I also think the second polish is lovely :)