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Monday, October 24, 2011

Taking a break from studying to bring youuu..

Layla Magneffect Blue Grey Flow!! this is what I had on all weekend, since I knew I wouldn't have time to change my nails :] It's so mesmerizing...

To save the polish, I put on one coat of KleanColor Neon Sapphire & then one coat of BGF:]

It came out a little darker than I thought it would [maybe from the layering??]

Anyway, I loved this mani so much, I even got a bunch of compliments [& questions!] about it:] The only downside was how long you have to wait to put on a topcoat, or else it drags the metallic particles around, as I learned to my sadness.. 


  1. Oooh I don't have any magnetic polish yet. This looks like so much fun!

  2. I know, it is!! I loved trying to make the designs:]