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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Candy Corn & Spiderwebs

Ready for some [super amateur] nail art? So I did my housemate's nails a few days ago, she wanted candy corn nails. Well, she let me be a creeper & take pictures of her hand so I could show you guys!

I used Sally Hansen White On for the white, NYC Spring Street for the orange, and Sally Hansen Lightening for the yellow. Then I topped them off with the glow in the dark polish from Fantasy Makers!

Now my nails:
I used a base of Revlon Aloof, then stamped the spiderwebs in Wet n' Wild Black Creme & the orange spiders in NYC Spring Street, & topped it all off with that same glow in the dark polish.

Little better than those decals, right? haha


  1. So cute! (Sorry, I'm really behind on reading blogs this week! I'm still reading Halloween posts!)