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Friday, October 28, 2011

2 Halloween Fails :[

Hi everyone! So I've been trying to do Halloween themed manis this week & some came out better than others hahaha.. Here's some fails for your viewing pleasure:
This was my base of 1 coat NOPI Traffic Cone & 2 coats Creepy Pumpkin. I actually liked this layering combo a lot, I should have left it :/ 

Then I put on the Jellies decals I got from Rite Aid... mistake! They would NOT stay down with me, even after sooo much top coat. The design was really cute, but the decals kept falling off [I woke up with one in my hair & one on the bottom of my foot.. welp!]

Then, I tried to do the bloody fingerprint mani that I saw here! Except I tried to do the finger prints in City Color Dark Red & it came out too pink:[ (the base color is Revlon Aloof, btw)

Can't win them all, right? It's okay, I'll be posting some not so fails later today & throughout the weekend:]

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