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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Phantom + Cauldron Drippings

Hi! I have another Halloween mani for you today:] I finally found some Fright Night Claw polishes yesterday at Target [side note, my Rite Aid FINALLY put out the pumpkin polishes today]. So I had to put it on, clearly.
It's a really pretty shimmery gray.. There's these like flecks of pink & blue in there.

Then, I added Lynnderella's Cauldron Drippings. This polish is insane, with green, purple, blue, black, white, gold, & then a LOT of orange glitter in so many shapes & sizes.. Insane & gorgeous & Halloween in a bottle.

& because I can't leave anything alone, I stamped [with Wet n' Wild Black] a spiderweb on my tips. It didn't look bad, but it wasn't very noticeable.. Oh well.

Hmm. I need to try this stamp over something else..


  1. Ohh I like it a lot. Maybe try stamping with white polish??? I need Cauldron Drippings!

  2. Ooh, definitely need to try that... & it's beautiful, Lynderella is my hero. I can't wait for the new collection to come out!

  3. You have a Lynderella!!!!!!!!! Love love love her stuff!

  4. I know! I want it alllllllllllllllll, it's so bad..