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Friday, September 28, 2012

Starlight & Sparkles Review [Part 2]

More pretties from Starlight and Sparkles for you today!

Farore [over Revlon Dreamer]

According to the listing, Farore "shifts through teal, green, light green, and gold". I definitely see the green and gold over this base, and it looks so soft to me:]

Silver Moon Crystal [over Sally Hansen Green Tea]

This is like the silvery-white version of Essie As Gold As It Gets to me. I love this kind of chunky flaky shimmer! Plus, this just looks like green tea ice cream:]

Nayru [over Cult Nails Time Traveler]

Favorite!! This is what I wore all last weekend, it's so. stinking. pretty. It looks like twinkling galaxies on your nails. It's one of my favorite layering combinations, definitely. The listing says that Nayru "shifts through turquoise, blue, and violet" and I definitely saw all of those color shifts IRL. Ugh! stunning.

Again, you can purchase these polishes [and many more stunners!] here at Starlight and Sparkles. I absolutely recommend these polishes! Go take a look now!