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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Weekend nails

Hello all! Sorry about ghosting out on you, but I'm back. I restocked the Etsy shop last night, but most of the new polishes sold already! So I'll be doing more restocking tonight, I promise. Anyway, since the boy was visiting this weekend, I had to do a mani that I knew would both: A. keep my interest for longer than a day and B. not chip. So I went with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Designs in Speed Dating. Last time I used these [Halloween], I put a base coat under and it was a mistake! So I didn't use base or top coat for these at all. They lasted fairly well, I think I had some application error and they lifted a tinyyyyy bit on one finger, but it's alright. I'll master these someday!!


Heehee, aren't these so cute?? I love how they came out. Word on removal though: I removed them with regular nail polish remover [with acetone] and a little elbow grease. But they felt kind of.... sticky and goopy and weird. Not sure what that was about. But it wasn't much harder to get these off, so I'll definitely be using these again for longer weekends:]


  1. Cute design! I've never tried these before. I'm actually kind of intimidated haha. But maybe one day!

    I tagged you with 2 awards!

    1. they're easier than i thought! and i'm pretty dopey with things like this haha.

      & thank you so much!!<3

  2. Love it! The hearts are so cute! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. This is so adorable!! Happy Valentine's Day ;0)