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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Tale of 3 Cremes

Once upon a time, there lived many oft-neglected cremes in Sarah's stash. They pined away as she put glitter after glitter on her nails or covered up these cremes with glitter [because she's a complete magpie/glitter whore]. So these cremes lay, languishing to never be worn.. Until one day, when 3 cremes came along and reminded Sarah why a good creme [while not nearly as sparkly as her beloved glitters] certainly have a well-deserved place in her stash, and are beautiful in their own way. And all were happy! The end.

Haha, okay, but really. This was inspired by a mini swap I did with Steph of Short N Chic. I got American Apparel's Butter from her and it looked sooo pretty! So I had to put it on right away:]

This is so soft and pretty and yellow!! and I love it! It had me looking at my hands a lot, which surprised me actually. Plus, it was this opaque and even in just 2 coats. Most yellows take at LEAST 3 and still look nothing like this. The tradeoff, though, is that the formula has this thick but runny thing, so it takes a little maneuvering. But honestly? With an end result like this, it's more than worth it:]

Next up is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic's Swamp Thing

[Sorry for the beat-up mani, I wore this all day before having the chance to take pictures and it was a brutal day on my nails] 2 ridiulously easy coats of murky, swampy, greeny gorgeousness! A friend in class told me she really liked this polish, so you know it's a winner. I never took the plunge with RBL's No More War; I never knew if it would actually look good on me. But I'm glad I didn't spend the money on that, this fulfills that lemming AND I like it on my skin:]

Finally, RBL Recycle:

My first ever RBL! I got this off a blog sale a while ago for a really reduced price, so I had to snatch it up. The formula on RBLs take a little getting used to, in that they're thinner than I expected. But the polish went right where I wanted it to go and 2 coats later, I got this amazing green you see up there^. I got compliments on this mani, too! Surprisingly, it was from a guy friend who rarely notices "girly" things like nail polish haha. He literally grabbed my fingers, stared at them, and went "...woah." So definitely a good thing!!

Whew, kudos to you for getting through that! Hope you've liked my venture into the magical world of cremes!;] Which one of these is your favorite??

P.S. I hit 200 followers!! Stay tuned for a giveaway soon!


  1. Congratulations on 200 followers!!! :D That is so awesome! ^-^
    These polishes are so nice!! :D I would probably say that Recycle is my favourite! I like the light yellow but I know that I couldn't pull it off, haha.

    1. thank you! and don't worry, yellows are so tricky to get right :/

  2. Love all these! I especially love the American Apparel Butter!

  3. What blog sale did you find the RBL on? I'm kind of new to the blog sales and they are so fun and addicting!

    1. hi! i'm sorry, i really can't remember which one, it was over a year ago:/ but i agree!! blog sales are so addicting haha

  4. Butter is awesome! Congrats on 200 followers :) I'm addicted to blog sales.

  5. Congrats on 200 followers! Recycle is a great color!