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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zoya Liberty, or How to Get Horrific Stains Off Your Nails

This polish.... Oh man. So stunning, but SO STAINY. I can't even handle it. I mean, I completely love this polish and would probably wear it again, but..... not for a long time. Okay, so gaze upon the gorgeousness.

I mean. Stunning, right? And I wore the crap out of it for 3 days. But then (FULL STAIN AHEAD, BEWARE):

DUNDUNDUNNN. This is gross. Like,  what even. It would have stained my skin also, but I coated the skin around my nails with cuticle oil. 

So then I put whitening toothpaste on my nails for just over 5 minutes anddddddddd

Still not great, but, buffer to the rescue!

Begone, demon stains!

Anyone have an easier way to get stains off your nails? Or any other polishes that are this... stainy?


  1. Great tip, will be trying this out next time x

  2. Liberty is gorgeous! Wow, that staining is no fun, but thanks for the tip!

  3. I had this problem with Barielle Surf's Up and Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily (both times used OPI Expert Touch Remover, from then on I use pure acetone with blues, just in case). I use Orly Cutique (the cuticle remover) right away, 5 minutes and brush!

  4. Definitely gorgeous, but omg! The staining! lol

  5. I do the soak detailed here:

    I only use it on the very bad staining polishes. It works very well!

  6. Liberty is gorgeous! I tried whitening toothpaste on my nails, but it never worked for me. I use denture tablets, though, and soak my nails, and that works like a charm!