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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TT: Fictional Animal Print Mani

First, I want to start off my saying that my prayers are with all those affected yesterday in Boston. I have many dear friends in the city (who are all safe, thank God), and the news was truly heartbreaking.

Second, and this segue sucks, here's some sparkly stuff for you to look at! So I have 2 different manis, since I couldn't decide which one was less awkward. I LOVE the layering I did for the first one, but then nail art... not my thing, as you'll see. Here's my attempt at making a (holographic and sparkly) dragon:

1 coat Nars Zulu, 1 coat LA Girls Teal Dimension, 1 coat Wet N Wild Emerald The Crown Jewel. See what I mean?! THIS, I can get behind!

This.... nope.

So then I tried doing a unicorn "print" with layering. I had some milky pink jelly (totally blanking on the name, sorry!) and I sandwiched Lacquistry's Chick-a-dee doo-da in between coats of that, then topped it with Lynnderella Bride of Franken.

Trust me on this, it looked way better in person. The iridescent glitter just came out yellow in pictures :/

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  1. I like them both! I wish I could see that unicorn one in person!

  2. Love both of these and the animals that you chose! :)

  3. Great manis!!! The second is my favorite. I love how soft it is.

  4. The unicorn is my fave, sooooo gorgeous!!

  5. This is some seriously inspired layering, Sarah--they're both so incredibly gorgeous!! ♥

  6. These are gorgeous designs! I really love the dragon one.

  7. So glad to hear your friends were ok over there <3
    I love both manis! :D

  8. Glad to hear all of your loved ones are okay. Both manis are absolutely beautiful!

  9. glad to hear your friends are okay. both manicures are pretty but I like the unicorn one more.

  10. I love the yin and yang of this!