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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hi again! I hope everyone's doing well:) I'm finally on the uphill side of a nasty flu (and considering I need to fly across the country on Tuesday, I'm very excited about this). I actually want to show you what's on my nails this very second: NYC Plaza Plumberry. This is probably my favorite color of the season, I love how dark and shiny it is and it just makes me feel a little more sophisticated when I wear it. It goes so well with every outfit too, so I think I might need to keep this on for a while! This was 2 super easy coats. It's not quite this black-leaning IRL, which I like. I think it's a pretty close dupe of Zoya Casey also! I got Casey for my mom for Christmas and just from looking at the bottles, I think you could go with either for the same look. But while PP is 99 cents, Zoyas are more expensive. So your call:)