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Monday, January 14, 2013

Deep Blue Lonesome Ocean

Hi all! I have to start with something completely non-nail related. Guys, I made bacon jam last night. Bacon. Jam. Let that sink in. I followed this recipe: and it was so good! I'm a little bacon crazy, so I had to try this recipe ASAP. haha, okay, on to the nails.

Today, I have for you my personal favorite way to wear Pahlish Lonesome Ocean. While I like the polish by itself, I think that 3 coats of it is just way too much going on so I put it over OPI Roadhouse Blues and tada! Better:)


  1. This is beautiful, Sarah!! Definitely a great call on the layering--these are fabulous together!

    OMG, bacon jam?! I must have eet!! That sounds insanely NOM. ^_^