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Monday, November 12, 2012

Vegan Zombie

Happy Monday! Blah. It was such an effort to get up this morning. And I'm not looking forward to writing this paper I have at all. But bright side: the weather is phenomenal right now. I'm obsessed. I currently can't decide what to wear on my nails, but I'm hoping inspiration will strike soon.

Today's polish is the lovely Vegan Zombie from Polish Revolution. The description on this is "light gray jelly [with] fine deep blue glitter, medium hexes in light green, light green holo, satin white, green squares, and larger satin white hexes". The fine glitters didn't really translate as blue to me, they just seemed black, but I liked them nonetheless. I tried this polish on its own, but I like it a lot better over OPI My Pointe Exactly, which is what you see here. So this is 2 coats of the OPI and 2 of Vegan Zombie.